Intelligence Officer 02

Entry-level Marine Intelligence Officers will be given specific training within one of the following disciplines: Ground, Human Source, Signals or Air Intelligence. These officers will gain unique opportunities for leadership, deployment and training. Once the rank of Major is attained, all of the disciplines merge together as the officer becomes a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officer. After three years of experience and completion of MIOC (MAGTF Intelligence Officer Course), you will be designated as a MAGTF Intelligence Officer, with leadership opportunities in both joint and Marine Corps billets.

Ground Intelligence Officer – 0203
Infantry Officer Course
Quantico, VA
12 weeks

Scout Sniper Platoon Commander Course
Quantico, VA
3 weeks

Ground Intelligence Officer Course
Dam Neck, VA
6 weeks

Human Source Intelligence Officer – 0204
Dam Neck, VA
18.5 weeks

CI/HUMINT Managers Course
Dam Neck, VA
4 weeks

Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare Officer – 0206
Signals Intel Officers Course
Dam Neck, VA
24 weeks

Air Intelligence Officer – 0207
Aviation Intel Officer Course
Dam Neck, VA
8 weeks

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