Contact Information

Mailing Address
The University of Arizona Naval ROTC
1042 E. South Campus Dr.
Room #109
Tucson, AZ 85721

Admin Office Fax Number

When using the below email addresses please include a descriptive subject otherwise your email may not be received. 
For example 'NROTC Question' or 'Nuclear Program Question' are acceptable subject lines while 'Hello' is not. Thank you.

Contact Information Email Telephone

Recruiting and Admissions Liaison Officer
Submarine Officer

LT Joshua Lee, USN 520-621-1282

Marine Officer Instructor
Capt Sean Powell, USMC 520-626-5773

Aviation Officer
LT Sean Mohan, USN


Surface Warfare Officer
LT Kareem Hook, USN 520-626-5779
Supply 520-626-5776


Emergency Line
For any important situation that occurs after normal working hours, you may reach an active duty staff member at the Command Duty Phone: 520-354-0725