The 770 Club is a University of Arizona club named after SSN 770 USS Tucson. The purpose of the club is to promote interest submarines and prepare future Naval Officers for careers as a Submarine Warfare Officer. The club meeting are very diverse; from trips to San Diego to tour operational submarines, meetings with retired submarine CO's, preparation for nuclear propulsion interviews, or learning to drive a ship in a maritime simulator just to name a few. The club is a great source of information for interested students to learn more about submarines in a casual environment. The club's advisor is an active duty Navy Lieutenant who has recently returned from a 3 year sea tour onboard a Submarine.


The Semper Fi Club is primarily composed of Marines and Marine-option Midshipmen. The club is also open to new members who desire to participate in the club's various activities. The Semper Fi Club stresses physical fitness, esprit de corps, and camaraderie based on the ethos of 'Honor, Courage, and Commitment.'


This club's mission is to prepare students for a career in the Naval Special Warfare community. While physical fitness is stressed, other activities designed to expose Midshipmen to some of the many tasks required of a Special Warfare operative are also included.


The Arleigh Burke Society, exists to educate students, faculty and staff of the University of Arizona on issues pertaining to United States Navy Surface Warfare Community.


The Naval ROTC Tailhook Club is a student run, professional organization. Their mission statement is to introduce and develop an attitude which fosters strong camaraderie and focuses on preparation to ensure success as future Navy and Marine Corps Aviators.

Club Objectives:

  • To promote interest in Naval Aviation via guest speakers, static displays, tours, movies, class discussion, social events, etc.
  • To represent Midshipmen needs and desires in regard to Naval Aviation (Preparation for the Aviation Selection Test Battery).
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