Midshipmen Direction and Guidance

Midshipman:  Dedicate, Prepare, Train, Apply Yourself

Naval Service Standards:  Mentally, Morally, Physically Qualified


  • Bachelorette Degree (3.0 GPA minimum)
  • Aptitude (Character, Leadership Qualities)

Basic Proficiency:

Naval Service Customs, Courtesies, Culture, Unrestricted Line Officer

Firefighting, Damage Control, Seamanship, Watch Standing, Small Arms

Close Order Drill

Planning, Management, Critical Thinking

Leadership Expectations:

Follow policies, directives, lawful orders, implied tasks

Treat others with dignity and respect

Don’t do drugs/Alcohol in moderation/Temperance

Responsible social media/Recording/Posting

Self-discipline/Time management

Active positive enthusiastic participant/Ownership/Ideas

Selfless leadership/Humility

Performance counseling (initial, grooming/developing, correcting deficiencies/mistakes)




Commitment/Work Ethic

Learn to appreciate/respect other perspectives/different opinions

Tasks/Information flow/Communication/Feedback/Art of the “Back Brief”


Set the example


                                  Kevin A. Norton

                                  Colonel USMC