Organization & Billets

Battalion Organization

UA NROTC is organized into a Battalion. The Battalion is then divided into two Companies (Alpha and Headquarters). Headquarters will be composed of members who hold any billets from S1-S6. In Alpha Company, each platoon or division is designated by the company letter and its' platoon number(e.g. A-1, A-3, etc.). In Alpha Company, Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 will follow Navy's Organization and be called Divisions while Alpha 3 will remain as Marine designated platoon. Each platoon or division is then further divided into two-three squads. Members of the Battalion are assigned to a new company, battalion, and squad each semester to ensure that they see as many leadership styles as possible.

This organization is based on the combination of Marine Corps 'Rule of Threes' and US Navy Divisions which allows for good division of labor and makes for a streamlined chain of command.

The Battalion chain of command is structured much like a traditional Navy/Marine Corps command. At the top is the Battalion Commander (BNCO). The BNCO has a Battalion Executive Officer (BNXO) who is responsible for overseeing the administrative aspects of the command. The BNCO also has a variety of company staff officers at his disposal, to assist in the smooth operation of the unit. And finally the Battalion Sergeant Major(SgtMaj) is responsble for the well being of every member and taking control of planned events so they go smoothly as possible.

For each company, there is a Company Commanding officer (COCO) and a Company Executive Officer (BNXO). Under their command, there exists platoons where there is a Platoon Commander (PC), each of whom has a Platoon Sergeant (PS) who is responsible for the conduct of the platoon and conducting drill practice. Each squad within the platoon is assigned a Squad Leader (SL) who is the first link in a marching member's chain of command.

A graphical representation of the chain of command is displayed below.

A1 & A2 Division are Navy options. A3 Platoon are Marine options (outlined green box). HQ is a mixture of Navy and Marine options.
  • Directly responsible to the PNS
  • Issues orders, instructions, and guidance
  • Processes minor disciplinary infractions
  • Liaison with Army and Air Force 
  • Authorize unit fund expenditures
  • Directly responsible to the BNCO
  • Conducts staff meetings
  • Advises BNCO
  • Executes BNCO's decisions
  • Oversees plans and instructions
  • Serves as Chief of Staff, coordinating the functions of all departmental staff to execute battalion functions
  • Directly responsible to BNCO
  • Ensures all marching members are represented
  • Inspections
  • EMI
  • Liaison with the AMOI
  • Oversees Battalion staff.
  • Handles issues involving administrative matters.
  • Work with S-3 staff members to carry out planning for all battalion evolutions.
  • Update and send out POW every week.
  • Execution of battalion events or activities.
  • Perform duties relating to supply and financial matters.
  • With the approval of the BNCO, authorize expenditures from the Wardroom Association.
  • Creates PT plan for battalion pt.
  • Coordinates physical fitness training, swim qualifications and intramural activities.
  • Must be knowledgeable about upcoming University and local events
  • Battalion website
  • Battalion communications/data
  • Graduating class yearbooks

Tasked with planning the annual Marine and Navy Ball every fall semester. Finds the venue for ball, and manages the finance necessary for the event.

Responsible for:

  • Unit Facebook page
  • Battalion website
  • Photography of all necessary events
  • Writes PQS quizzes
  • Tracks units PQS scores

Responsible for:

  • Unit Website
  • Battalion communications/data
  • Unit Facebook page
  • Maintenance and accountability of all major electronic assets 
  • Track and report study hours of students on SEP.
  • Inform battalion members of opportunities academically related.
  • Advise and council students on academics as needed.
  • All other tasks assigned by unit staff.
  • In charge of the battalion's Budget.
  • Work with Unit and battalion staff on the use of the wardroom funds.
  • Maintains records of all income and expenses
  • Manages the safety protocol of unit in high risk situations and environment.
  • Ensures all are aware of possible safety risk and implements controls to mitigate risk. 
  • Teach a detail proper drill movements with rifles and flags.
  • Provide Color Guard for any unit ceremonies (Change of Command, Joint Parade, etc.)